Installation of ISO Parrot Car Kit leads

This page gives installation advice about installation of ISO Parrot Car Kit leads. To buy an SOT lead for installing a Parrot kit to your car, select from the Vehicle make and model on our Parrot Car Kit SOT Leads page, please read these note below prior to installation.


The SOT series leads are designed to install aftermarket hands free kits such as Parrot with ISO connections. They are provided in two parts, one lead attaching to the Car Wiring loom converting this to ISO the same as Car Radio harness adaptors, this then plugs into the Car Kit. The second lead is then ISO from the Car Kit and plugs back into the Car Radio. They are designed for using any ISO accessory and are not required where the Car already has ISO Connections.

Please read carefully the information below, in particular comments regarding Power connections even if your vehicle appears to plug directly into the Parrot Kit.

Fitting a Parrot Kit To Your Vehicle

The Parrot hands free kits come with their own ISO harness (ISO = universal fitting connectors). If your vehicle is running an ISO connector, then the Parrot kit can be fitted directly to the vehicles stereo, however, if your vehicle is not fitted with ISO, then an adaptor will be required to create it. These adaptors are called SOT leads, the diagram below gives a rough representation of what it achieves.

Connectors 1, 2, 3-A and 4-A are all part of the SOT loom. If connectors 3-A and 4-A (ISO Female and Male) were plugged together, the whole loom would just be an extension of the vehicles wiring.

Connectors 3-B and 4-B (ISO Male and Female) represent the Parrots harness, as does connector 8, which would be the kits specific link and would vary depending on which Parrot kit was being fitted.

Power Wiring

All SOT looms create a standard ISO power set up to allow a generic piece of ISO equipment to plug in line. On a Parrot car kit, it has French ISO power configuration, which means the Battery and Ignition lines are reversed to standard, so you will need to swap the wires on one side of the Parrots fuse connections, so instead of RED-fuse-RED and ORANGE-fuse-ORANGE, the configuration will become RED-fuse-ORANGE and ORANGE-fuse-RED.

Should the vehicle not have an ignition supply at the stereo (CAN BUS technology) then the SOT loom will come with a flying wire to enable pick up from an alternative source. You will still need to swap the fuse positions even in this circumstance.

If your vehicle is fitted with iso, please verify its power positions before plugging the parrot loom in-line

Installation Procedure

  • Remove the Car Radio ensuring you have security codes required.
  • Install one lead into the Car Wiring loom.
  • Install the other lead into the Car Radio.
  • Install the Hands Free kit between the two new leads as instructed by the manufacturer of the hands free kit.

Please note that some Vehicles do not have a Switched Ignition supply at the head unit, and therefore a switched supply needs to be fed from the Fuse Box to the orange wire on the Parrot Loom. Information on this is available from Technical.

In some cases mute wires require connection to the hands free kit, these instructions should be provided with the Telemute lead, or in case of difficulties on this issue contact Aamp Global on their technical helpline +44 1420 470 618 or by e-mail to