Steering Control Interfaces and Canbus Adaptors

Steering Control Interfaces and Canbus Adaptors. Aftermarket Radios are always supplied with an ISO Wiring connection and a dedicated connection for steering controls. Modern vehicles usually feature an OEM style of connector which differs depending on the vehicle manufacturer.

These interfaces convert the OEM vehicle plug into ISO, and provides connections to the vehicle steering controls.

What are Steering Control Interface leads for?

Steering Control Interfaces provide a simple solution that converts an OEM Vehicle Radio connector into the ISO standard. This is required to install a replacement aftermarket radio, and connect to existing Vehicle steering controls. Some vehicles usually older use resistive style controls, more modern vehicle feature CanBus systems that control many of the vehicles interior electronics including the radio controls. Find your Vehicle easily using our Make and Model Filters. Huge stocks and great prices.

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Showing 1–16 of 72 results